Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Marist Brothers International School will make students our utmost priority and encourage them to achieve their full potential, fostering spiritual growth, appreciation of cultural diversity and develop a life-long love of learning. We will provide the opportunity for all stakeholders to develop a sense of community, spirit and pride in our school.


Mission Statement

We educate students in a nurturing environment based on Catholic values and the traditions of the Marist Brothers. We provide a rigorous program of study that prepares our students for higher education, internationally and in Japan. Our students will gain knowledge, be effective communicators, develop good character and become responsible citizens of a global society.


Marist Expectations

Inquirers – We engage in research and investigation, becoming self-directed, lifelong learners

Knowledgeable – We strive to develop intellectually, physically, and artistically.

Thinkers – We consistently think critically, ethically, and creatively.

Communicators – We collaborate in a multilingual environment, with confidence and courtesy.

Principled – We take responsibility for our own actions, building trust through integrity, honesty, and humility.

Open-Minded – We seek to broaden our understanding and appreciation of other cultures and perspectives.

Caring – We show compassion within our school community and beyond.

Risk-Takers – We take on challenges as active participants and dare to push beyond our comfort zones.

Balanced – We strive for balance of mind, body and spirit, to develop as well-rounded individuals.

Reflective – We use past experiences as a guide to future actions.