Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Marist Brothers International School is designed to awaken students to the realities of life and to prepare them for the future. It stresses the concept that each individual is unique and endowed with potential for growth; it further emphasizes the inherent dignity of each student and staff member.

Vision Statement

Marist Brothers International School will make students our utmost priority and encourage them to achieve their full potential, fostering spiritual growth, appreciation of cultural diversity and develop a life-long love of learning. We will provide the opportunity for all stakeholders to develop a sense of community, spirit and pride in our school.


Mission Statement & SLEs

We educate students in a nurturing environment based on Catholic values and the traditions of the Marist Brothers. We provide a rigorous program of study that prepares our students for higher education, internationally and in Japan. Our students will gain knowledge, be effective communicators, develop good character and become responsible citizens of a global society.

Student Learning Expectations

The MBIS student will demonstrate:

Knowledge by:

  • Developing intellectually, physically and artistically
  • Thinking independently, critically and creatively
  • Taking responsibility as self-directed life-long learners
  • Being prepared for a technologically changing world
  • Setting priorities and attainable goals in order to maximize potential

Communication by:

  • Demonstrating competency in reading and writing English
  • Being poised, articulate and effective public speakers
  • Listening to others with focus and courtesy





Character by:

  • Developing spiritually and emotionally
  • Acting respectfully and compassionately
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions and behaviors
  • Demonstrating honesty and integrity in all relationships




Citizenship by:

  • Respecting world cultures and their languages
  • Building bridges in a multicultural world
  • Responding compassionately and emphatically to the needs of others
  • Performing service to improve the lives of others
  • Valuing and developing teamwork




MBIS Core Values

M – MBIS Family Spirit

A – Academic & Extra-Curricular Excellence

R – Respect for Self, Others & the Environment

I – Integrity and Humility

S – Spiritual Growth & Service

T – Trust & Responsibility