The Bhasin Athletic Scholarship

The Bhasin Athletic Scholarship was established by Marist Alumni, Taro and Jiro Bhasin, in memory of their late father, Janardan Prasad Bhasin. The purpose of this scholarship is to help athletes who show a strong commitment to sports, academics and to contributing to school life, who need financial assistance to cover transportation costs for athletic trips.


Taro Bhasin (class of 1996) and Jiro Bhasin (class of 2000) were both very active in school life, especially in the sports program. The two brothers were inspired to create this fund in memory of their father’s great kindness, as a way to give back to their school and Marist community. Their main objective is to encourage participation in the athletic program to those students who may be prevented from doing so because of financial difficulties in covering traveling expenses.

You may be eligible to receive financial aid through the Bhasin Athletic Scholarship, to help cover transportation costs for an athletic trip, provided that the applicant:

      Is in good academic standing.
      Has shown a strong commitment to his / her team, by demonstrating good sportsmanship and good practice ethics.
      Conducts him / herself in a responsible manner, becoming of a Marist student.
      Abides by team, athletic and academic policies of the school.
      Has contributed a service to the school / will contribute a service to the school.

Financial aid is offered on the basis of financial need. Both full and partial aid is available.

Application forms and more information about the Bhasin Athletic Scholarship is available at the athletics office in the gym.