Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu( 29th May- 2nd June)

June 24Meat Spaghetti or CarbonaraPepperoncino
May 29

6Sweet and Sour Chicken
May 301Oyakodon or Chicken DoriyaGarlic Pilaf and Corn Soup
May 312Grilled Chicken with lemon butter saucePenne Arrabiata
June 13Chicken Curry or Hayashi RiceSpinach and Cheese Curry

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu (22nd May - 26th May)

265Chicken curry or hashed beef with riceSpinach and cheese curry
221Tandoori chickenPotato gratin
232Roasted porkVietnamese fresh spring roll
243Meat spaghetti or
Pasta to eat dipped in soup.
254Deep-fried skewered chickenCreamed croquette filled with cheese and vegetable

Lost and Found

***Please note: We keep lost and found items for TWO WEEKS. ***
-Light green handkerchief
-Silver water bottle and blue gingham check cover
5/17 Light green foodie
5/17 White lunch box with black bag
5/18 Black long bag
5/18 Adidas black hut
5/19 Mickey black wallet
5/19 Blue foodie
5/24 Bambi's pink wallet