Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu(16th Jan -20th Jan)

166Teriyaki ChickenFried Gyoza
171Meat Spaghetti / Tsukemen-style SpaghettiPeperoncino
182No LunchNo Lunch
193Minced Meat Cutlet / Fried SalmonCheese and Vegetable Croquet w/ White Sauce
204Pilaf & Egg SoupGarlic Pilaf & Corn Soup

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu (23th Jan - 27th Jan)

*Lost & Found*
Lost & found items will
yours, please come by the main office.

12/1 Grey long sleeve parker
12/7 Blue and White i-pod,Pierce (2)
12/7 Lunch box and Lunch bag
1/10 chopsticks
1/12 Red calculator
1/13 Blue purse
1/13Lunch box, navy bag
1/13 yellow & blue key
1/17 Down jacket (navy with flower printed )
1/17 Lunch box and Light blue bag

235Chicken Curry or Hashed RiceSpinach and Cheese Curry
246chicken hamburgerPenne Arabiata
251Fried Chicken & French FriesDeep fried gyoza
262Herb chickenMabodofu
273Meat Spaghetti or Carbonara Peperoncino