Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu (20th Feb - 24th Feb)

243- No Lunch (M.U.N) -- No Lunch (M.U.N) -
205Herb ChickenPotato Gratin
216Meat Spaghetti or Spaghetti noodle with dipping saucePeperoncino
221- No Lunch (M.U.N) -- No Lunch (M.U.N) -
232- No Lunch (M.U.N) -- No Lunch (M.U.N) -

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu(27th Feb -3th Mar)

32Meat Spaghetti or CarbonaraPeperoncino
274Chicken Karaage with sweet sour sauce Cream Stew
285Chicken Curry or Hashed ricePumpkin Curry
16Chicken Hamburger & ChipsCheese and Vegetable Hamburger & Chips
21Chicken and Macaroni GratinMacaroni Gratin with Basil sauce

Lost and Found

1/13 Blue purse
1/13 Yellow & blue key
1/20 School sweater
1/23 Protractor
1/24Blue gloves
1/24Handcarchief printed Precure
1/25 Earphones
1/30 Orange& red wallet
2/1Key ring with Fake fur
2/2 Green purse
2/3Green and Blue Neck Warmer
2/3Black knit cap
2/6 Black earphones
2/6 White earphones
2/6Yellow Pen case
2/14 MAYBELLINE lipstick
2/14Necklace with cross
Black Jacket
(During Ski trip)Purple pouch,Charger,Black glasses,Pink towel,Gray turtleneck sweater,Blue Pants
2/20 Pink earphones with black bag