Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu

Feb 231MUN
Feb 19
3Fried Chicken with sweet and sour sauceCheese and Vegetable Croquette with White sauce
Feb 204Meat Spaghetti or Spaghetti with dipping saucePeperoncino
Feb 215MUN
Feb 226MUN

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu

Mar 26
Meat spaghetti or Carbonara

Feb 262Fried Chicken and french friesDeep fried gyoza (Potsticker)
Feb 273
Pilaf and egg soupGarlic pilaf and corn soup
Feb 284Herb chickenLasagna
Mar 15Minced meat cutlet or Fried salmon
Cheese and vegetable croquette with white sauce

Lost and Found

***Please note: We keep lost and found items for TWO WEEKS. ***

2/5 Black rubber lid
2/5 Tupperware
2/6 Pig Coin Purse
2/6 Green jacket and a beanie
2/7 Beanie
2/7 Brown jacket and Neck Warmer
2/7 Water bottle and Neck Warmer
2/7 Snoopy lunch box
2/13 Minions Coin Case
2/14 Umbrella
2/14 Black Box Bag
2/14 Adidas Socks