Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu

Mar 4Golden Week HolidayNo Cafeteria Service
Apr 30

Roast porkKorean pancake
Mar 11

Chicken curry or Hashed riceSpinach and cheese curry
Mar 22
Fried chicken and fried potato Deep fried spring roll and fried potato
Mar 3Golden Week HolidayNo Cafeteria Service

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu

Apr 275

Sports DayNo cafeteria service
Apr 231
Grilled chicken with lemon butter saucePotato gratin
Apr 242
Meat Spaghetti or Spaghetti with dipping saucePeperoncino
Apr 253Teriyaki chickenDeep fried gyoza (Potsticker)
Apr 264Chicken cutlet on a stickCheese and vegetable croquette with white sauce

Lost and Found

***Please note: We keep lost and found items for TWO WEEKS. ***
4/10 Key
4/16 Shoes (View picture below for details)
4/16 Puma Short Sleeve T-shirt
4/16 Lunch box
4/17 Watch (Formia)
4/17 Silver Scissors
4/20 Black Wallet
4/23 Black Headphones
4/24 Wallet (DIESEL)

Lost & Found Shoes