Lunch Menu


MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu (20th Mar - 24th Mar)

245Meat spaghetti or bacon and canola flower spaghettiPeperoncino
201Tandoori chickenMabodofu
212Chicken katsuPotato gratin
223Chicken curry or Hashed riceSpinach and cheese curry
234Grilled chicken with avocado sauceTofu steak with garlic sauce

MBIS Weekly Lunch Menu(3rd Apr -7th Apr)

74Teriyaki chickenDeep fried gyoza
36Herb chickenPenne arabiata
41Minced Meat Cutlet or Fried fishCheese and vegetable croquette with white sauce
52Chicken curry or Hashed rice Spinach and cheese curry
63Meat spaghetti or Spaghetti with dipping saucePeperoncino

Lost and Found

***Please note: We keep lost and found items for ONE MONTH. ***
2/23 White hair clip
2/24 Small budge
2/24 Doraemon handkirchief
2/27 Black lunch box& bag
2/27 L size MBIS grey sweater
2/27 Badminton racket
2/27 Muji cotton tanktop
2/27 Black and white bag
2/28 black hair band (Found in Shioya bus)
2/28 White & Green pouch
2/28 Found in Room 25
Marist grey sweater
Black neck warmer
Black iHEAT pouch
Mickey& Minnie mobile phone bag
Marist PE half pants
3/1 Marist foodie with broken zipper. (Found in field.)  
3/3 MBIS Grey sweater ( size 140) ,found in the library.
3/6 Nike Black wallet
3/7 Multiple tool
3/13 Puma black wallet
3/15 Green round small wallet
3/15 Navy lunch box
3/16 Red lunch bag 
3/20 Lunch box and Hello kitty lunch bag
3/22 Navy blue top