Clubs & Activities

MBIS strongly encourages students to develop their school spirit and enrich their school lives by becoming involved in extracurricular activities. Students find these activities to be very rewarding, memorable, and a valuable part of their overall personal growth.

An intramural sports program for Grades1-6 includes beach ball volleyball, futsal, basketball, baseball, and softball. This program provides a great foundation for later participation in Middle School and Varsity inter-school sport.

MBIS offers participation in several student organizations, including branches of the National Honor Society (NHS) and the Global Issues Network (GIN), the Marist Athletic Association, and Elementary and Upper School Student Councils.

Each organization is student-centered and allows opportunities for students to develop citizenship, instill leadership and a sense of responsibility, and volunteer service to the school and wider community. Furthermore, this involvement brings about a closer relationship between the students, faculty, and administration.


Marist Brothers Elementary School provides all students with a wide variety of extra- curricular activities. In sports, students participate in baseball, volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer, both in the Big Dog intramural program and in the Middle School program. Clubs and activities on offer include: Robotics, Cheer-leading, Karate, Chess, Skateboarding, Calligraphy, and Flower Arranging.