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nationalities represented on campus - a truly international experience. We believe our close, diverse community is our greatest asset


of graduates go on to attend university. Our alumni have found success at top-tier universities around the world 


student to teacher ratio. Small class sizes allow our teachers to better support the academic growth of all students


athletic championships since 2000. We're a small school with a big heart


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Mai Sakamoto

“My teachers and classmates at Marist were like family - a diverse multicultural family which prepared me well when going overseas and meeting lots of people from different backgrounds. The friendly and nurturing atmosphere has shaped me into a confident individual who is not afraid of expressing her opinions and thinking outside of the box. I appreciate who I am today because of all the love I received from Marist. Thank you for giving me such an exceptional experience!”

Yuka Zaiki

Marist Brothers International School provides its students with well-rounded academic experiences; however, the true essence of Marist lies in its community. Marist has a strong sense of family and home - the administration, teachers, parents, and students all have a bond that unites us. We support and encourage each other to take an extra step toward success. As a student, this allowed me to take on challenges and the risks necessary to grow as an individual both academically and socially. After all, me coming back to Marist as a teacher is proof on its own! Marist is home. I feel fortunate to be teaching at a school that I love!

Sherrie Ito

The moment you walk on campus of Marist Brothers International School, you can tell it radiates with a warm caring family-like atmosphere. Thanks to our loving staff and students, Marist is a second home to all of us. Here at Marist, each student is educated to achieve their full potential. The education children receive at Marist is wholesome and ensures their growth intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically and culturally. As a result of such tradition, our students develop care and compassion for each other, those in the community, and those less fortunate. 

Adam Smart

When I first came to Japan, my life felt turned upside down. I knew nothing about the language or culture. Today, after living here for six years, I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. I have fallen in love with Japanese culture, and my school community.  Since coming to Marist, I have learned how to appreciate and respectfully discuss international values and globally debated topics. This drastic change in lifestyle has allowed me to develop an extensive view of the world and has given me the opportunity to become a true member of international society. 
My international school community gave me the unique opportunity of living immersed in another culture foreign to my own, and the people influenced me in ways beyond what I could originally conceive. The teachers and faculty are incredibly hardworking and care about each and every student. They helped me through some of the most challenging parts of my life, and I don’t know where I would be without them. The clubs, sports, and people at Marist make it feel like a family, and the close knit community helps students to form relationships that will last a lifetime. Marist has taught me so much, both in and outside of the classroom, shaping me into the person I am today.

Victoria Stedman

I joined Marist at the end of Grade 6, having previously attended Japanese elementary school. I couldn’t read or write in English, but I could speak a little. With hard work and supportive teachers, I graduated from the ELL program and joined mainstream classes. Today, I’m able to take high level IB classes. I cannot believe how much I have excelled in English from where I started.  I knew I would do better in a diverse environment, and Marist made that a reality. I am off to my dream university this year, and I could not have made it so far without determination, and a unique school like Marist. I believe anyone can thrive when they put their mind to it, and this school was the right place for me to grow.