For students in grade 1 to grade 6

Our Elementary program is designed to develop the whole child.  The academic program focuses on reading, writing, and mathematical skills, and includes comprehensive interactive units of Social Studies and Science.  This is further complemented by courses taught by specialist teachers: Art, Music, Japanese, Library, Health, Physical Education, Character Education, and World Religion.

Our core curriculum is based on the California State and Common Core Standards, adapted to suit the needs of our diverse, multicultural student body.  We utilize highly-regarded, proven instructional programs, including Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop, and Words Their Way. State of the art digital assessment software is used to supplement classroom data and observations, and provide an extra level of monitoring and support for all students.

All classes are taught in English, with the exception of Japanese language classes.  Elementary Japanese is divided into three levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced, providing appropriate and engaging language learning for all students.  Intensive English Language Learner (ELL) classes are provided for students who require additional support to reach mainstream levels of proficiency.

Beyond the typical curriculum content you would expect to see at any high-quality school, our students are encouraged to develop:

  • Academically, physically, spiritually, morally, and socially
  • A life-long interest in learning
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • Essential collaborative skills
  • Strong social and emotional skills
  • Independent thinking skills - a willingness to think for themselves, and express their opinions, while respecting the opinions and perspectives of others

At MBIS, we intend for technology to be intelligently integrated inside and outside of the classroom - to support teaching and learning in depth, rather than to superficially or simplistically replace instruction.  At the Elementary level, a 1-to-1 iPad program has been implemented at all grade levels. Laptops are also readily available, and are regularly used for research and writing by students in Grade 5 and 6.  In addition, the school library includes desktop computers and other digital resources. 

Our teachers utilize Rubicon Atlas for curriculum planning and mapping, and Powerschool for online student management and grading.  The latter is available to students and parents, and provides a very useful and accessible tool for monitoring academic progress. 

Beyond the classroom

For Grade 6 students, our academic curriculum is complemented by a year-long athletics program, divided into four seasons.  Students compete against other international schools, providing them with frequent opportunities to further develop body, mind, and character.  

All Elementary students have opportunities throughout the school year to join clubs, student organizations, and other extra-curricular activities, including after-school clubs.

Field trips and on-campus events provide further, engaging opportunities to learn outside of regular classes.

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