English Language Acquisition

Highly supportive language learning environments

With a truly international student body, encompassing children from many countries, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds, the MBIS English Language Learner (ELL) Department is an integral part of the MBIS academic program.  Our qualified, well-experienced teachers work closely with students at both the Elementary and Upper School levels, with a primary mission to support student development of academic English, so that they can successfully access the mainstream curriculum at MBIS.  ELL support classes are offered for students in grades 1-8.
Our ELL program includes:
  • Highly supportive, small class environments.
  • Leveled courses - Beginner and Intermediate.  The former focuses on essential skills and understanding, while the latter serves to gradually integrate students into the mainstream, utilizing adapted mainstream content and programs.  
  • A focus on developing all four language domains: speaking, reading writing, and listening.

Curriculum overview