Partnering with parents

The Marist Brothers International School Parent-Teacher Association was established in 1956.  The PTA aims to support the school through its community, and to increase communication and cooperation between parents and the school.  All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to join the PTA.  Regular open meetings are held throughout the year, as well as regular Parent Forums - an informal and relaxed setting where parents can discuss pertinent issues with the Head of School. 

The PTA is responsible for organizing the annual MBIS Food Fair.  This event is the associations primary source of fundraising - with over 2,000,000 yen raised each year.  All Food Fair profits go back to the school, and are used to enhance teaching and learning at MBIS.  Other recent PTA activities have included:

  • PTA social clubs for parents - book club, yoga, lunches
  • Welcome BBQ for new families and teachers
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week
  • Operating food booths for school events
  • Sponsorship drives for student trips and activities